Paid Text Links Info – How to buy text links

The following explains how to purchase text link advertising on the participating web sites.

  1. Are the paid links really INSTANTLY visible?
  2. Placement Options and Definitions
  3. Number of Characters
  4. Length of Subscription
  5. Accepted Sites and “Theming”
    1. Why is “theming” important?
    2. Which sites are NOT accepted?
  6. Review Policy
  7. Payment and Refund Policy



Are the paid links really INSTANTLY visible?

In principle, yes. Our system is fully automated and the links are instantly transferred to the participating sites.

However, please note that many of the participating sites use page caching mechanisms (typically on the home page and other high traffic pages). This may mean that your link doesn’t show up until the previously cached page has expired. If you’re curious as to whether your link is really there, simply add a query parameter to the URL of the site that is meant to show your link, such as “http://www.[insert domain name here].com/?whereis=mylink“. This will force the page to be freshly created which will in turn reveal your link(s). Typical cache periods are between 5 minutes and 3 hours. After that, your links should be visible using the normal URLs.


Placement Options and Definitions

At the moment, text links are available on the home page only, on every page of a site or on selected pages of a site.

  • “Home page only text links” will only appear on the home page (index page) of a website. There are 10 home page only text links available for each web site.
  • “Every page text links” will appear on all (or nearly all) pages of a website, including the home page. There are 10 every page text links available for each web site.
  • Precision Links appear only on selected pages of a website. The URLs on which the text links appear are selected by the buyer at the time of purchase.

We guarantee that there will be no more than 20 paid advertising text links on any page of a website and that your text links will be displayed on the website(s) you have selected for the term of your subscription. Our sites are monitored daily to ensure that your link is visible and that websites hosting your text link are functioning. We cannot guarantee that your website will improve its traffic or search engine rankings as this is beyond our control.


Number of Characters

The final price depends on how many characters you use. All prices listed are for 30 characters which corresponds to approximately one line of text. You can use as many characters as you want. For each additional 30 characters, the price increases by 25%.


Length of Subscription / Campaign

You may book your text links for a period of between 1 and 12 months. Prices vary from site to site. Discounts apply based on subscription length.

In this context, “1 month” means from today until the same date in the following month. Currently, payments are not automatically recurring. Instead, you will be notified via email shortly before your campaign ends. Subject to availability, you will be offered the opportunity to continue your advertisements.


Accepted Sites and “Theming”

Text links should be in the same theme as the website hosting the text links. For example, if your site belongs to category “clothing”, you should not buy advertising on a site in the category “video games”.


Why is “theming” important?

  • From many years of experience we know that it is difficult, if not impossible, to sell visitors something they were not looking for in the first place.
  • Search engines prefer a site to link to similar sites, so that these links provide value to a site’s visitors. Links that are completely unrelated may be frowned upon, and both the site that is linking as well the receiving site may suffer a penalty in their search engine rankings.

In short, we recommend advertising on sites that are thematically related to your site.


Which sites are NOT accepted?

We will decline sites that promote:

  • gambling or casinos
  • pharmaceutical products such as Viagra and Phentermine
  • adult content, sex toys or sexy lingerie
  • hate, racism or illegal activities
  • otherwise offensive content


Review Policy

Once payment is confirmed, your text links will be made instantly visible on the website(s) you have selected. However, they are still subject to review and may be removed if deemed inappropriate and a full refund issued (See Accepted Sites). If you’re unsure whether your text link will pass the review, we encourage you to contact us and submit your text link for review prior to payment.

We reserve the right to decline any text link for any reason.


Payment and Refund Policy

All payments are handled through PayPal. Paypal allows for many payment options, including most major credit cards. At this time, payments are a one-time, non recurring charge.

Full refunds will only be issued if your text link does not pass the review process. All other charges are final and non-refundable.