Children love ice-cream, if you want to do something fun and exciting for a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any other type of celebration, why not get creative and have your own ice-cream making celebration. You won’t need much for the party apart from the best ice-cream maker, the ingredients, drinks, candy and whatever else you feel is necessary to entertain children.



You can start preparing for your party by sending out invitations. To make this process more exciting for your children, you can make the invitations by hand. You can purchase all the required materials from a store or online such as glitter, glue, and different decorative equipment. A great idea is to design the invitation cards in the shape of an ice-cream. You can do so by downloading a template online, tracing it and then cutting them out.

Complete your invitations by letting your guests know the time and the location of the party, and then send them out in the mail. The invitation cards will set the theme for the party, creating an exciting atmosphere for your guests.


On the day of the party, you will need to decorate the house. You can make an ice-cream banner and hang it over the table that the guests will be sitting at. Make the banner fun and exciting.

Cover the table with a decorative table cloth, if you can find one that has ice-cream cones on it that will add even more excitement to the event.


Making the ice-cream

The kids will be making their own ice-cream; therefore you will need to have everything laid out on the table for the children so that they can help themselves. Make sure there are always adults to supervise them. On the table you will have laid out the following, the best ice-cream maker, and all the ingredients which will include candy, fruits, and cream. There are plenty of home-made ice-cream recipes that you can look up and get a wide range of ideas. Children love chocolate and strawberries, so that should be a big hint.

More treats

The ice-cream is the highlight of the party; therefore, you won’t need much in terms of treats. You can serve drinks such as pink lemonade which you can put in milk bottles with a straw. This provides a nice party feel.

Get the party started

When the guests arrive, give them party bandanas to wear around their necks, you can have pink for the girls and blue for the boys. Not only will the bandanas work for decoration, they are also good for making sure that the children don’t get their clothes in a mess.

Provide all the children with different color pencils and small pieces of card so that they can create their own labels for their ice-cream. Once they have made their labels, put them to one side so that they can stick them onto their containers once the ice-cream is made.

The fun begins when the kids start making the ice-cream. Allow each child to place their chosen ingredients into the best ice-cream maker, don’t allow them to press any buttons, make sure the adults take care of things like that.

Keep the kids entertained

Once they have made their ice-cream, seal the containers and stick their labels onto them before placing them in the freezer. The ice-cream will need to be in the freezer for approximately one hour before it is ready to eat. You can provide entertainment in between this time by playing games such as hang man; duck duck goose, escape the monster and musical chairs. There are a wide range of games that you can play; an internet search will provide you with a large selection of ideas.

After the kids have finished playing the games, the ice-cream will be ready. They can top their ice-cream from a choice of available toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate, strawberry or blueberry sauce.

Final thought

To make the party even more exciting, you can incorporate a “best flavour” ice-cream contest. Each guest gets to taste a spoon of ice-cream without knowing who made it. They then decide which flavour is the best; whoever gets the most votes will be the winner of the competition. The winner will get a separate prize, different to their take away bags.

Enjoy your party!

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